Initial Production
As each client and each project is unique, CyberInfinity Design does not have a single set fee for website production.

After discussing your needs, CyberInfinity Design will estimate the time required to build your site and give you a quote for the initial production cost.

After the initial production agreement is made, major changes in the design, or major additions to the website which cause the production time to go significantly beyond the original estimate may result in additional charges. You will, of course, be notified beforehand of any possible increases in your initial production fee.

Once a design and an initial production fee are agreed upon, 50% of the fee is due to CyberInfinity Design before production on your website will begin. The remainder of the fee is due before the site is launched. Your site will not be launched until this payment is made and you have given your final approval.

If your site is for a nonprofit organization, please ask about discounted fees.

Budget Website
If you need to get online quickly, or have little money to spend, we can build a basic site using a pre-made WordPress template with little or no customization, fewer than ten pages and no special features for $500.

Site Maintenance
You will be trained to add, edit or remove pages, upload images and write blog posts, using the WordPress content management system. This simple, intuitive interface will allow you to do most regular website maintenance yourself.

For changes to the structure or look of the site, or if you prefer for us to handle content edits, CyberInfinity Design charges $100 per hour for web site maintenance, billed by the quarter-hour. If you anticipate frequent changes or updates, ask about an annual or quarterly maintenance package.

Domain Registration and Website Hosting
The prices above do not include domain registraion or website hosting. We will be happy to assist you with registering your domain and setting up hosting with the company of your choice.