Case Study: Edwards & George, LLP

Edwards & George, LLPEdwards & George, LLP was a Texas-based law firm that practiced in all areas of civil litigation, from torts to commercial cases, and from claim investigations to appeals. CyberInfinity Design developed an entire “family” of websites for the firm to highlight a number of specific issues and individual cases.

The primary website provided basic information about the firm, including primary areas of practice and biographies of the attorneys, while several other websites focused on specific legal issues or individual cases.

Some of the firm’s websites provided information about a general  area of the law. Overtime Lawyer discussed the Fair Labor Standard Act and employees’ rights to overtime pay. The website included a list of FLSA terms, an explanation of the requirements for overtime exemption, overtime regulations pertaining to specific jobs, a list of “common overtime mistakes” and answers to several frequently asked questions about the FLSA.

Overtime LawyerOther sites, such as UTMB Lawsuit provided information about individual cases and were used to keep all of the involved parties up to date on the latest developments in the case. These sites typically included background information about the case, a timeline of events in the case, court documents, usually in Adobe PDF format, and links to media coverage of the case.

In order to maintain a consistent “look and feel” between all sites in the Edwards & George, LLP family, CyberInfinity
Design developed a basic template that is used for all of the secondary sites. While distinctly different from the primary site, this template used the same colors, fonts and other design elements to maintain a solid visual thread connecting all of the firm’s websites. By changing a few images, this standard template could easily be customized for each individual site, while the overall impression of the design remained the same.

UTMB Willed BodyIn addition to providing visual consistency, the use of the template greatly reduced development time, of vital importance when a new case was progressing rapidly and the client needed a site launched within a day or two.

Having a number of separate but related sites allowed the firm to focus on a variety of legal issues and individual cases while the consistent image presented by the entire Edwards & George, LLP family of websites helped to maintain and reinforce the firm’s branding.